15 of the most unique and amazing Bowling Alleys you will ever see!

1. Holler House, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Legend has it that the name Holler House stems from a neighbor who thought there was a lot of hollering coming from that location and the name stuck, like much of the clientele. Holler House is like a "Cheers-where they're always glad you came" and is also famous for the hanging lingerie, but what about the bowling? Oh yes. Holler House has the oldest sanctioned lanes in the country and is one of the oldest bowling alleys, looking much like it did back when the lanes were first installed. The bar is wood, the ceilings are tin, the beer comes ice cold in bottles and neighborhood kids pitch in to get the pins set up for you.

2. Thunderbowl, Allen Park, Michigan

Thunderbowl is the one of the largest bowling centers with 90 lanes. The word center should tip you off to the fact that it offers more than just bowling. Like many bowling alleys, the Thunderbowl expanded and adjusted with the times to incorporate games and activities for all ages. In addition to accommodations for leagues, fundraisers and events, Thunderbowl has unique party spaces for music, dancing and stage acts-making it an attractive venue for having fun any night of the week.

3. Stardust Bowl, Addison, Illinois

Stardust Bowl in Addison, Illinois has been in business for more than 50 years, but they want you to know they are not stuck in the 50's, having recently undergone major renovations to upgrade to state-of-the-art equipment. Beyond their 84 synthetic lanes, they have lounges and spaces where you can play darts, pool and video games. You can even relax with a cocktail at their bar or enjoy a meal in their diner.

4. Game of Wickliffe, Wickliffe, Ohio

Game of Wickliffe in Ohio is another full service purveyor of fun that has modernized and met the present day standards with features that make for memorable functions. From bouncey houses and bumper bowling for kids to a bar & grill for adults, they offer bowling and so much more to attract the young and young at heart. They even have Bocce courts, billiards and short season leagues for bowlers with busy schedules.

5. The White House, Washington, DC

Yes, that White House. Bowling first came to the White House in 1947 in the form of a bowling alley as a birthday present for President Truman. Those lanes were turned over to the staff and eventually moved and somewhat neglected. The biggest bowling fans were the Nixons who had a new one-lane alley built for their bowling pleasure. The lane remains and each new family to reside in the White House has their very own one-lane bowling alley in the basement of their home.

6. Rock 'N' Bowl, New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans is no ordinary town and Rock 'N' Bowl is no ordinary bowling alley. It's a music venue, a restaurant, a party place and if you read the press section of their website, somewhat of a miracle. Music has been a big part of the scene since 1993 when a weekly Zydeco night was started. Check the calendar of events for a choice of musical artists as varied as the clientele.

7. Bryant-Lake Bowl, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Bryant-Lake Bowl & Theater is a multi-use facility where you can go to listen to music, catch a comedy show, watch a film, take a dance class or bowl a few games! Described as a vintage bowling alley, restaurant and cabaret theater, they are committed to dishing up local and organic food from early bird breakfast specials to late-night eats.

8. Roseland Cottage, Woodstock, Connecticut

The "nation's oldest surviving indoor bowling alley" resides inside Roseland Cottage, which was built in 1846 and is a National Historic Landmark. The term cottage often brings to mind a small home, but at the time in North America the term was also being used to describe "a summer residence, often on a large and sumptuous scale." Roseland Cottage was the summer home of Henry and Lucy Bowen. Henry was a prominent businessman who "entertained connections, including four United States Presidents."

9. XLanes, Los Angeles, California

XLanes wants to make your life "funner" with a full complement of fun stuff to do like bowling, billiards, Karaoke and arcade games in their 50,000 square-foot location. They have 16 general lanes in addition to 4-lane VIP rooms (think party) and they even have a bar, dining room and banquet rooms, so you can turn a company function into a fun and relaxing event.

10. Saratoga Lanes, Maplewood, Missouri

"Bowling the way it used to be!" is the way they describe Saratoga Lanes. It's been around since 1916 and is the "oldest of its kind west of the Mississippi." You can rent various spaces for private parties or just show up when they're open to the public ready to play! Regulars claim Saratoga is the best place for parties and has good, old-fashioned bowling and the best pool tables.

11. Splitsville, Tampa, Florida

Splitsville claims to be "reinventing America's game," taking what had been a sleepy sport with uninspired snacks and bringing such enhancements as sushi and specialty cocktails to the table. They haven't taken their focus off of the customer experience and they believe "that great service plays a huge role in facilitating fun." Book a lane or book a party, you won't be disappointed and you can count on their friendly staff to make sure you leave smiling.

12. National Bowling Stadium, Reno, Nevada

The National Bowling Stadium is "the only facility of its kind" with 78 championship lanes "and the longest video screen in the world." It was "designed with the tournament player in mind" and their Pro shop features the latest gadgets and gear.

13. Shelburne Falls Bowling Alley, Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts

The Shelburne Falls Bowling Alley is one of the oldest bowling alleys in the country. It was built in 1906 and they have been rolling the pins down the lanes ever since. Their difference is they are a candlepin bowling alley, which is a variation with a number of nuances, though the overall game is the same. At Sheburne they entreat you to join a league, host a party of just have some fun challenging your family and friends to a game of candlepin bowling.

14. Punch Bowl Social, Denver, Colorado

Punch Bowl Social places an emphasis on the quality of the cuisine they delight your palate with. They know you will have fun with the social part of the house: Bowling, darts, billiards, ping pong, shuffle board, marbles (yes, marbles) and even vintage arcade games. Their goal is "to satisfy both the elevated and common culinary palate" and they also profess a "passion for the art of beverage service." Bring it on, Punch Bowl!

15. Bowlmor Lanes, New York, New York

The original Bowlmor Lanes location in Union Square closed after 76 years in business to make room for proposed construction, but the other locations are carrying on the tradition in shinier, happier ways with spiffed up themed lanes, lounges, larger than life video screens, billiards and arcade games. "Eat, drink and bowl among the unique scenery of New York, like Chinatown, Coney Island or Central Park."

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